.jpg challenge two: where I like to spend my time

                   In this challenge, we had to take pictures of place in which we spend our time.


.jpg challenge one: the 'non-selfie'

For this challenge, I took five pictures of myself that don't show all of my face. 

Me drinking some coffee, which is my favorite drink.
Me with my blue calcite next to my eye being crystal-indie trash.
Me with one of my favorite books, Go Ask Alice. 
                                                  Here is me with my devil dog, Dolly. (this picture took about 10 tries).

                           Here is me with my homie Misha posing behind some leaves in her backyard.


Two Page Spread of Erin Cone

I chose Erin Cone as my mentor for this project in my Studio class. I painted the background with blue watercolor and then printed some pictures of her work. I also drew two of the pictures in this spread with colored pencil and then wrote some facts about Cone and described her techniques and why I liked her.