Stop, Drop, and Draw Sketch Book Drawing

For this drawing, I chose to draw a skull. My goals and intentions for this piece was to draw what I saw and to make the exact shadows that I saw. I accomplished these goals by doing just that, drawing what I saw as and making it look as realistic as possible. What surprised me most about working on this drawing was how well it turned out and that I was able to finish it in two class periods. My drawing is about realism, shading, and shadows. The most difficult challenge I had to face was, honestly, drawing the teeth. I faced this challenge by drawing them how I thought they looked best and then just going with it. I experienced artist thinking by being able to see the difference between the light and the shadows. My drawing really works in the sense that you can tell where the light is hitting and it easily distincts where that light is along with where the shadows are. From this drawing, I have learned (and improved) on drawing from a still-life that was right in front of me. If I had a do-over, I would probably make the skull slightly rounder. I feel best about the shadows, shading, and the eyes.


jpg. challenge five: into the night

For this challenge, we had to take pictures at night and find the light in the darkness. 


Pumpkin Charcoal Drawing

For this project, we had to make a charcoal drawing of pumpkins from a still-life. My goals and intentions for this piece were to make the pumpkins look as much like the still-life as possible and to be able to create the light from the darkness. I accomplished this by squinting my eye to be able to see the shapes of the light and the dark. Then, I drew that shape of the light exactly how I saw it. After that, I made the edges sharp and was able to create light from darkness. I drew these pumpkins from a still-life and tried to make it look like the exact thing. What surprised me most about working on this piece was how difficult it was to figure out the right proportions and drawing the pumpkins realistically. This piece is about lighting and realism. The most difficult challenge I had to face was drawing the light exactly where it was on the still-life because each time, it kept changing. I faced this challenge by readjusting and drawing them how I saw them and what I thought looked best. I experienced artist thinking by really being able to see, create, and emphasize the light hitting the pumpkins and by making the drawing look realistic by scrutinizing the still-life. My drawing really works in the sense that it really shows and emphasizes those moments of light on the pumpkins and the light from the darkness. Some things I have learned from working on this piece was how to create the light from darkness by drawing the shape of the light. I also improved on drawing what I saw and creating it to look realistic. I really liked how Lauren created dramatic lighting on her pumpkins. I also loved her view point and how the light in her drawing leads you into the picture. If I had a do over, I would have probably made the light on the pumpkins look a little better. In my work, I feel best about the realism of the pumpkins and how they are kind of emerging from the picture.


.jpg challenge four: what do I obsess about?

For this challenge, we had to take pictures of things we obsess about.

As you already know, I am obsessed with my dog. I'm also obsessed with really cute animals. 

Next, I am obsessed with art. I love to draw. I've been very fascinated by ballpoint pen drawing along with watercolor pencils because I think that they are both really cool. 

I am obsessed with books and reading. This is a picture of some of my favorite books, which include To Kill A Mockingbird, Looking for Alaska, Lolita, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Go Ask Alice, The Outsiders, and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

I am obsessed with concerts, bands, and music in general. This is probably my #1 obsession. This was from Warped Tour at the Mayday Parade set. It was amazing!

This relates with music but I've also been obsessed with Lana Del Rey's album 'Ultraviolence' since it came out. I'm obsessed with Lana Del Rey in general because she has the voice of an angel and her whole discography is just so beautiful 10/10 would recommend. 

I am obsessed with coffee and I drink a very unhealthy amount oops. 

I am obsessed with sea shells. Whenever I go to the beach, my mom and I are always looking for sea shells and we always find the coolest ones. These are some of the ones we found. They are all from Ocean City.

Lastly, I am obsessed with Netflix. I love to waste my life binge watching TV shows and movies aha. I am currently watching Supernatural and 10/10 would recommend this show, it's so good. 


Ed Ruscha Inspired Paper Words

For this project, we had to make a word out of paper and make it look as realistic as possible. For my word, I chose 'believe', as you see in the picture. We also had to use dramatic lighting to create the shading and shadows that were made by the lights. My goals and intentions for this piece was to make the words and the shadows look realistic. I accomplished my goals by using intense lighting to create dramatic and realistic shadows on the letters and on the paper. I started off by using lighter grey pencils and then made everything darker as my piece progressed. I was surprised by how long this project took for me to complete but I was also surprised by the final product because it turned out much better than I expected. This drawing is about value, shading, shadows, and realism. The most difficult challenge I had to face while creating this piece was drawing the letters on the paper to look like the paper sculpture. I meet that challenge by drawing the first letter and then looking at the size of the of it. After this, I was able to draw the rest of the letters according to the size of the first letter. My drawing works in the sense of being able to emphasize realistic shading on the letters and making the actual letters look like the paper sculpture. I have learned about sizing things to make them look alike and I have learned how to use intense lighting to make shadows look more dramatic. I really like how Jessica folded her paper different ways on her sculpture and how she drew them. I also liked how she emphasized the shading and shadows to make her piece more realistic and really stand out. From her, I learned that you can make interesting shadows from different places according to where your light source is coming from. If I had a do-over, I would try to have different light to make the shadows look like the shape of the letters instead of how it is in this piece and I hope to be able to improve my shading techniques. I feel the my best thing about my work are the letters and the shading on the letters.


.jpg challenge three: what is family?

In this challenge, we had to post some pictures of who we think are or consider family. 

Lets start off with my mom and dad. My dad's name is Joe and he has one of the best personalities and is really funny. My mom, Brenda, is so nice and has helped my through so much. Even though my parents are really nice, they can be really shady when needed but overall they are great people and I love them so much. 

This is me and my dog, Dolly (sorry I'm always including her in my posts but she's amazing). On that note, it's about time I tell you about my demon dog. We rescued her when I was 8 and we've had her for about 6 years (I think). She's 8 years old and she likes to lay on my bed by the window and spy on the neighbors. She also loves to go for walks and have me throw her chew toy so that she can run and get it. She also comes and lays with me when I'm sad and makes everything better.

This is me holding my grandma's hand. Her name is Betty and she also makes me happy when I'm sad. She does this by saying that I'm the prettiest girl in the world at least 5 times whenever I see her and then she gives me a bunch of lollipops. My dad (and I when I don't have school) visit her on Friday's and go grocery shopping for her. She appreciates it so much and she is so nice. 

This is a family friend who I call uncle Joe with one of my paintings from the art show last year. He came to see me get inducted into the National Arts Honor Society. He is one of the best people I know and he has the best personality and makes amazing jokes. He is also always there for me no matter what and he's amazing. 

This is a candid of my friend, Brendan. He has been my friend since 6th grade and he has helped me through so much. He is an amazing person with an amazing heart and will do anything for me. Him and I do everything together and we laugh at the stupidest things and have the weirdest jokes but it's a great time. He is also obsessed with Chinese food but I don't blame him because that stuff's bomb.

For my last picture, here are my friends and I. I love my friends so much because they have helped me through so much and we all bond over bands we like and take amazing pictures (such as this one). From Annie's random snapchats, to Michaela and I making "dat boi" jokes, laughing at memes, and being crystal trash, to Jessica being an amazing dumb cluck and always throwing her calculator on the floor, and Lauren always letting me have some of her french fries and other nice food, my friends are amazing and I couldn't have asked for better people to called my friends :). 

So these are people that I consider family. I think that family are people that are always there for you no matter what and make you happy when you're sad. That's all.