Oil Painting: Paint it "Black"

My goals and intentions for this piece was to paint the black object (the shoe) black without using black and to emphasize the shine reflecting off of the shoe and the pool ball. I have accomplished making black by mixing alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue together to make a dark purple that reads as black in the painting. I accomplished emphasizing reflectivity by looking at my picture and seeing where the light was reflecting of off the shoe and pool ball then adding white paint to those spots. What surprised me most about this experience was how messy the paint was and how fun and easy it was to mix different colors together. Since this was my first time using oil paint i did a lot of experimenting to see what colors together made what and it was very interesting. My painting is about colors in black and reflectivity.  The most difficult challenge I faced while painting this piece was trying to figure out what colors to mix to get a certain color that I needed (if that makes any sense). I met that challenge by mixing different colors until I got the color that was a close match to the color in my picture. I experienced artist thinking by being able to paint that black without using black and being able to recognize the other details and the colors of those details. My painting really works in the sense that the shoe reads as black even though it's not and you are really able to see the shadows and reflectivity. From this piece, I have learned how to mix different colors to create a certain color and I have also learned how to create better shadows and emphasize the reflectivity better. I really like how Annie was about to make her cup look shiny and realistic by adding a few white spots and the things that were reflecting from the cup in the picture she took. If I had a do-over, I would draw and paint the shoe to look better and more realistic. I feel best about the pool ball, the refections, and the shadows.